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Board of Directors

At Kin Yen, our team is fully dedicated and committed in producing fabrics that are of the highest quality. This relentless pursue for the best can be proven through our repeated processes of quality control towards all our products. We also aim to constantly live up to a helpful and friendly service attitude towards our customers. Although we have been in the industry for decades, our promise and services to customers are still growing and upgrading each day, so we can serve them better.

Managing Director

Tan Serk Lee

To me, all that Kin Yen has achieved today is just another checkpoint towards a greater destination ahead. And whether it is global growth or technological advancement in the future, I believe these stops are what’s preparing us for it.”

Executive Director

Teo Kim Liew

“Kin Yen has steadily held a solid position and stable growth when it comes to financial interests. Our key is all about maximising productivity – be it in the manufacturing processes or the efficiency of manpower – we’re constantly looking for better ways to manage operations.”

Executive Director

Tan Leong Choo

“People and partners – these two components serve as the core in all that we do. Because it is only through a positive and healthy relationship with people under you, and people you deal with, that a business can continue to grow towards the proper direction.”