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Single-knit Industrial Fabric Solution

1. Yarn Quality Control

This is the first step of quality control and occurs before the knitting process. Similarly, it is done to reduce the chances of producing poor quality fabric.

2. Raw Fabric Knitting

This process involves transforming a cone of yarn into a raw knitted fabric. However, due to the differences in nature between Apparel Microfiber Fabric and this, their knitting processes vary slightly.

3. Raw Fabric Setting

This process helps to flatten and tidy the raw fabric. Unlike other manufacturers, we do not use any glue. Instead, we adopt a unique rolling and cutting process to give it more flexibility, thus easing our customers’ fabric lamination.

4. Quality Control

This is the final step of quality control before delivery to our customers.

5. Storage

Lastly, these finished goods will be marked, sorted into their respective types and colours, and then kept in various warehouses.