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Eco-Friendly Microfiber


Made of 100% yarn-dyed polyester, it subverts the functions of conventional polyester microfiber fabric into fashionable, stylish, comfortable and environmental-friendly fabrics. A range of protean multi-functional fabrics for all use, such as fashion apparels, sports wears, corporate uniform and so on. With just the changing of yarn arrangement and knitting method, it can be transformed into thousands of designs. On the other hand, as the perk of less involvement of water usage comparing to the conventional dyed fabric, it is considered a greener product. As being a company that approaches to social responsibilities seriously, we are adhere to fulfill our social responsibilities by preserving our environment and contributing to the future of planet earth for our next generation.


Products mission & vision

Mission: Revolutionize the conventional microfiber into a greener product which is eco-friendly and help preserving the water resources for our mother earth and our future generations.

Vision: A greener microfiber that help building future for the world.


Advantages over conventional microfiber

1. 98% less water consumption: As we all know, fresh water only occupy 3% of the total water distribution on Earth. Normally, it would take up to more than 30 liter of water to dye a single kilogram of conventional microfiber fabric. Some 1.2 billion of worldwide population are suffering from water scarcity and the number is keep on rising, we really can’t afford to consume that much amount of precious fresh-water resources on industrial use as the fresh water systems are in seriously danger level. Conditions will only get worse as the largest fresh water resource – the glaciers in Arctic and Atlantic are retreating in a worrying pace, as well as the ever worsening climate change. Meanwhile, the production of Mecofiber products would only require 2% of the water usage during the dyeing process of conventional microfiber, making it a greener product than conventional microfiber and help preserving the fresh water resource for the worldwide population and other life forms.


2. Significant risks reduction in water pollution: The wastewater from the dyeing process is extremely toxicant. Any unethical acts from the manufacturers such as dumping the wastewater into sewer and rivers or any accidental leakage on the wastewater tank would cause great destruction to the environment as well as causing all the life forms in the water system killed from suffocation. Eventually, these waters might also be consumed by human being and causing industrial diseases, leaving a horrible and painful consequences to any party. 

3. Greater innovation: Conventional microfibers in market are mostly being produced / dyed with single colors which makes it lack of innovation and also inconvenience for garment makers to produce a single shirt with various colors and patterns. Meanwhile, with just a change in knitting method and yarn distribution adjustment, Mecofiber can be transformed into various type of fabrics with different colors and patterns or a single piece of fabric with different colors and patterns in a flip of a hand.