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About Kin Yen


Kin Yen Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. is a fabric manufacturer specialising in consumer use garment and industrial use fabric. From a small sub-contractor to a company capable of generating millions of revenue annually, our growth and development have been the result of multiple transformations throughout the past 35 years. Due to this, we have since adopted a standardised managing and manufacturing system through the support of a complete database, analytical records and also organised store keeping and inventory.


Business Nature

Our business core lies in fabric knitting. Under this, there exist two areas of focus, which are multifunctional Microfiber Fabric and ‘Single-Knit Fabric’ for industrial sponge laminating.



Kin Yen Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1980 and began operating as a sub-contractor in 1982. It was only 4 years later, in 1986, that it made the move to become an independent fabric manufacturer and trader. During the 90’s, Kin Yen was already producing for and supplying well-known electronic companies, such as Phillip and Sharp, with speaker cover fabric. However, the financial crisis that landed in 1998 brought great damage to the local economy, which in turn impacted Kin Yen as well. Hence, it was not until the mid-00’s that we finally recuperated from a fairly slow-growing period.

But the tide was about to take a positive turn when we started producing laminated fabric in 2007, securing promising deals from local sponge manufacturers. Soon after, Microfiber Fabric emerged in the local market in the early 00’s and brought an impactful result to the industry. But it was not long before we too entered the market with one of our own in 2008, after three years of careful and strategic preparation. Finally, our long-awaited breakthrough came in 2010, when we achieved the million-ringgit-revenue status from years of hard work and steady, yet healthy development. And in 2013, Kin Yen Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. has been proudly certified with ISO:9001 2008.