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Knitting Machines – Mayer & Cie. ®

Mayer & Cie., known by many as the world’s leading manufacturer of circular knitting machines.  A family-owned company that span for four generations headquartered in Albstadt, heart of the textile industry in Germany. With history of more than 110 years and produced more than 70,000 units of circular knitting machines, Mayer & Cie. are expert in producing precise, high performance knitting machines with undisputed leading technology.

Besides than operating in Germany, they also own several additional production plants in Brazil, China as well as Czech Republic. Combining all plants, Mayer & Cie. produce more than 1,500 units of circular knitting machines annually.


Mayer & Cie.’s headquarter in Tailfingen, Albstadt, Germany.

Die Macher vom Talgang

The fourth and current generation of Mayer & Cie.’s top management: Marcus, Sebastian and Benjamin Mayer.

In the seeking of greater quality and fulfill our promise of providing better products, we have chosen Mayer & Cie.’s OV circular knitting machine for our daily knitting operation. Made of top quality German steel and Perunal, a ultra-stiff material which is also being used in aviation and aerospace industries, these engineering marvels have been manufactured to absolute perfection. Product quality has been enhanced ever since the acquisition of the Mayer & Cie. OV machines, defects have been significantly reduced and we are now able to provide even better products to our clients.

With 33% more gauges and 40% higher RPM, we are able to boost our productivity by an extra 150% in total compared to the Taiwanese knitting machines which have been replaced. As the result of increased productivity, we can assure our clients with consistent product supplies, securing one of our top operation priorities.

Mayer & Cie’s approach and belief to product quality is an inspiration to Kin Yen, we have been impressed but their attention to details. As a company that always adapts and learns, we hope to not only utilize Mayer & Cie,’s equipment to create greater products, but also adapt their organisational culture and gain self-improvement.