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Knitting Needles – GROZ-BECKERT®

Groz-Beckert is the world’s leading provider of industrial needles, precision components and fine tools as well as systems and services for the production and joining of textile surfaces. The products and services support the fields of Knitting, Weaving, Felting, Tufting, Carding and Sewing around the world.

Where all the threads of the organization come together: Groz-Beckert headquarters in Albstadt, Germany.

The family-owned company also has additional production plants in Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Portugal, the USA, India, China and Vietnam. Numerous distribution subsidiaries and distribution partners round off the company’s global presence.

Groz-Beckert offers its customers comprehensive partnership across the entire textile world – unlimited and directly on-site in over 150 countries.

34 years of partnership between KIN YEN & GROZ-BECKERT

Knitting needle is an necessity to every knitted-fabric manufacturer and Groz-Beckert has been the most renowned and successful in terms of technological and technical superiority among other knitting needle manufacturer. Producing high quality Microfiber Fabrics involves a lot of technical aspects, but having precise machinery and equipment are the fundamental of the production of high quality Microfiber fabrics. Our partnetship with Groz-Beckert started in 1982, through the introduction from one of our knitting machines suppliers. To fulfill our compliance of maintaining the quality consistency and pushing the boundary of innovation, Groz-Beckert has been our first choice of circular knitting machine needles supplier. Driven by the pure Malaysian’s passion and renowned German’s precise engineering, we have been able to produce one high quality product by another. Reliable and trustworthy, we have minimized the possibility of potential defects and improved our work-flow to a large extent, all credit to Groz-Beckert’s impeccable needle quality and precision engineering.

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