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Our effort in CO2 reduction

Groz-Beckert® litespeed®

We are excited to announce that in collaboration with Groz-Beckert®, who represents the best of German engineering and the flagship of circular knitting needle manufacturer in the world, we are now able to fully commit our effort in environmental conservation by significantly reducing the CO2 emission during the production of our products with their award-winning litespeed® knitting needles.

Lower CO2 emissions with litespeed®.

Weighing at only 0.6 grams, Groz-Beckert® litespeed® represents the finest and precisest German Engineering. Data below shows the differences of CO emission using the Groz-Beckert® lite speed® knitting needles and conventional knitting needles on a circular knitting machine in India:

CO2 emission conventional:  9.730,78 kg CO2
CO2-emission litespeed ®:  8.215,74 kg CO2
 » reduction  1.512,04 kg CO2 = 1,512 t CO


The KYOCERA environment Prize

litespeed® protects the environment.

Groz-Beckert was honored with the KYOCERA Environment Prize for its pioneering and innovative development of the litespeed ® circular knitting machine needle

The KYOCERA environment Prize is one of the most prestigious environmental protection prizes in Germany and focuses on innovation, market potential, environmental burden relief and transferability to other companies.

In 2011 Groz-Beckert was also hailed as a “Green Pioneer” at the Korea EU Award. Here, too, the success of the litespeed® needle played a major role!

litespeed® in use

You too can combine economy with ecology, and benefit from the numerous advantages of the litespeed® needle for high-performance circular knitting machines!


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