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Microfiber Apparel Fabrics Solution

1. Yarn Quality Control

This is the first step of quality control and occurs before the knitting process. It is done to help ensure the uniformity in quality of the yarn and reduce the chances of producing poor quality fabric.

2. Raw Fabric Knitting

This process involves transforming a cone of yarn into a raw knitted fabric. For this step, our machine operators will monitor the knitting process with the correct Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P.).

3. Raw Fabric Storage

After the knitting process, these raw fabrics will be kept in a special place while awaiting further arrangements.

4. Raw Fabric Quality Control

This is the second step of quality control, before the fabrics are sent to our sub-contractor’s dyeing house.

5. Dyeing & Setting

Here, the fabrics will be dyed according to either our products’ existing colour scheme, or on special requirements from our customers. Dyed fabric setting helps smoothen the twisted and folded dyed fabric into flat, tidy ones.

6. Dyed Fabric Quality Control

This is the final step of quality control. It is also the last measure taken to inspect and ensure that only the best products are released from our factory.

7. Storage

Lastly, these finished goods will be marked, sorted into their respective types and colours, and then kept in various warehouses.